Hortensia Cottage
Hortensia Cottage


Siran enjoys fine summers and abundant sunshine. The hottest months are the peak summer months of July and August when average temperature is around 25C. Daily highs are often in the high 20C during summer but temperatures can often reach into the 30C on the hottest days. June and September also enjoy good summer weather with plenty of sunshine and temperatures averaging around 20C. If the hot sirocco wind from North Africa is prevailing it can get hot and dry in the region and the wind can even bring desert sand with it. This only happens on a couple of days each year, but summer heat waves occur quite often, bringing very hot temperatures, even up towards 40C on occasions. Rainfall is low in summer though not unheard of. July is the driest month with an average of just 18mm rainfall. June and August are pretty dry too, seeing about 30mm of rain


Hortensia Cottage

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